Five Reasons To Ditch Refined Sugars TODAY!!

Chances are this won’t be the first time you have been told to reduce or eliminate refined sugars from your diet and it won’t be the last time either, but it will be the best reason. Let’s take a look at the impact refined sugar has on the body…


  • It makes you tired: after an initial hit, triggering insulin levels and giving you a total sugar rush, the highs are short lived and inevitably lead to that well-known afternoon slump. Removing sugar and replacing it with natural alternatives will give you more balanced energy levels throughout the day!
  • It affects your skin: probably not what you wanted to hear, but for all those anti-ageing creams you’re spending money on, none of them will make a difference while sugar is undermining your efforts from the inside out. It reacts with proteins to harden cell structures, which basically means it causes wrinkles.
  • It feeds cancer: amazingly, one of the things cancer needs to thrive is sugar. Of course eliminating it is not going to stop cancer cells from dividing, after all, you need sugars in your body for the good bits to function as well. However it’s refined sugars and their relationship with higher insulin levels that influence cancer cell growth the most because they tend to respond more than normal cells to insulin’s ability to promote growth.
  • It damages emotional wellbeing: we all battle with our emotional ups and downs, but controlling your sugar intake is definitely one of the ways you can limit the rollercoaster ride because it’s known to trigger depression and anxiety by changing the way the brain responds to stress. As if we need that in our lives!
  • It can negatively impact fertility: it is also believed that refined sugar can have a detrimental impact on fertility because, again, the blood sugar spike encourages a surge in insulin, and higher insulin levels disturb ovulation…. Simple!… Sort of…

It’s amazing what happens when you ditch sugar….

Peace & fabulous health!

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