Why You Should Try Castor Oil Therapy

oilUsing castor oil seems like rather an old fashioned concept in today’s world of quick fixes and health catchphrases, but castor oil therapy is one of the practices I always recommend to women looking to prepare for conception and support reproductive health.

Castor oil itself has been used in various guises for around 4,000 years; so to say that it’s tried and tested is an understatement. Equally, castor oil therapy is a simple, long-standing and effective treatment that’s also a good way to relax and unwind.

What does castor oil therapy involve?

It works using a cloth soaked in castor oil that’s placed on the skin to boost circulation and promote healing in the tissues and organs underneath. Traditionally used to help with inflammation and pain, the therapy has a historic reputation for supporting fertility.

How does castor oil therapy work?

It seems like a big leap from putting a warm cloth on your stomach to supporting fertility, but castor oil therapy works by stimulating three parts of the body – the lymphatic system, the circulatory system, and the liver. Stimulating the lymphatic system, which clears toxins from the body, helps to cleanse the reproductive organs and promote healing to damaged tissue. Promoting circulation brings fresh, nutrient rich blood to reproductive organs, and helps the liver to function properly, which means it can balance hormones and clear the rubbish left by poor diet.

How does castor oil therapy support fertility?

Castor oil therapy supports ovarian health, fallopian tube health, uterine health, aids detox for preconception and also supports egg health, all of which are key components to a healthy and successful pregnancy. It’s also extremely enjoyable, which is helpful all round as health should definitely be something to enjoy!

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