Pregnancy SOS Event Feedback

On the 10th of December 2015, Rock On Divas had its first Pregnancy SOS dinner with some beautiful ladies and it was a huge success.

The evening was focused on preconception health and fertility. I gave a talk on “How to prepare the body for body for pregnancy” and another talk was given by the fabulous consultant gynaecologist Dr. Marcellina Coker on “How to improve fertility”.

Dinner at the fabulous Raw Press in Mayfair London, consisted of raw nutritious, plant-based, healthy foods and cold-pressed juices which went down a treat. It was definitely a new and unusual experience for some of the ladies but they loved it so much they took home doggy bags!!


The ladies had the opportunity to ask some of the burning questions they had, and trust me there were so many we didn’t have enough time to get through all. To finish out the evening, every one of them got gift bags packed full of nutritional supplements, superfoods and skincare products worth over £100, which they were very excited about. A couple of the ladies said to me they knew they would be getting gift bags but they didn’t expect that much – now I call that a good result, I always try to give more than expected and that fills me with so much joy!

The clincher for the evening was the brief talk given by a client and friend, Margareta, who shared her journey through infertility and success at getting pregnant having gone through infertility issues due to endometriosis but was able to overcome that by changing her diet and lifestyle based on what I teach and working with a functional doctor. This is the sort of thing that people do want to know about when they’re considering trying for a baby, so it’s amazing that we had someone with infertility issues to talk to people who may be worried about this themselves. Some of the people in the audience also wanted to know about making sure the baby is safe whilst you’re pregnant. It can seem daunting going about your normal life when you’re pregnant, but you need to take extra precautions when you’re doing things. One way of making sure the baby is growing healthily is by using a portable ultrasound from Butterfly Network. This should give new mothers peace of mind that their baby is fine! There were so many topics to talk about, so it’s likely that there will be future events.

We had all the ladies complete feedback forms to find out what they thought about the event and what they felt was either lacking and would like to see included in future events. Read the feedback and see some pictures below.

I am very happy it was such a successful event and I have been inundated with requests for the next Pregnancy SOS event. Based on the success of the pregnancy SOS event and some of the common feedback I got such as the ladies wanting more time, I have decided the next event will be a two-day retreat at the beautiful Lifehouse Spa & Hotel in Essex. This two-day event will include four workshops this time around, two of which will be run by myself and the other two workshops will be run by Dr. Marcellina Coker and Clare Blake (Fertility Massage Therapist).

Also included in the retreat are spa treatments, free use of the spa facilities (gym, sauna etc.), healthy foods and drinks and yoga classes. This is a time for the ladies to take time out, relax and reconnect with themselves and just breathe. For more information about the retreat and how to book your spot, click on the link below. I tend to keep the numbers small, just 15 places so everyone gets the full benefit of the event. Quite a few spots have gone already and have only 8 left, so book your spot now to avoid missing out (I’m not sure when the next one will be yet).

The Thrive Preconception Retreat

I’m really looking forward to connecting and supporting more fabulous ladies!

Peace & fabulous health!
Gloria x


Pregnancy SOS Feedback

“I thought the event was excellent. Learning about diets that boost fertility, and how gut health and the immune system all relate to reproduction was very useful. Also learning about the effects of stress on fertility and how to manage it was also very useful. Hearing Margareta speak about her journey was inspiring. The event exceeded my expectations and I definitely got so much information to help me prepare my body for pregnancy. The event was very well organized, interactive, good company and the food was unusual but really nice. I would like to attend more workshops like this.”

TO, London

“I loved the event. It was interactive and really loved the idea of a gynaecologist and holistic health coach coming together to give information that you would otherwise have to get at two different appointments. The combination of medical, nutrition and wellness information was very useful and exactly what I was looking for. The event met my expectations and most of the information would help me get my body ready for pregnancy. The only thing I would say was needed was more time at the end for questions.”

FD, Hatfield

“I enjoyed everything about the event. The talks were very informative, would have been good to get handouts so we didn’t have to take notes. The event was fantastic but maybe the start time could be earlier to give room for discussion afterwards. Both of you are a perfect match, great team. Thank you so much for allowing God to use you. Love you both.”

AF, London

“I loved it. Definitely met my expectations and have good information to help me get ready for pregnancy. It’s very rare to see or find collaborations between a gynecologist and a holistic health coach, this is something that is obviously needed and there should be more events like this to help women through their fertility journey”

LN, Croydon

“I thought the event was excellent. The talk given by Dr. Coker, the wellness and nutrition by Gloria and the real life success story, definitely met my expectations. So much information to help me on my pregnancy journey. Only thing I would say is more time needed to interact more and for questions, and maybe handouts so we don’t need to take notes.”

TB, London

“The medical aspect for me was brilliant but the overall event managed my expectations. Most of the information was adequate to help me prepare for pregnancy but I think the event would have benefited from having more time.”

IO, Croydon

“Both topics were very useful and the overall event thoroughly met my expectations. Would have like the opportunity to have a 1-2-1 with both Gloria and Dr. Coker and more time to interact with the other attendees.”

KW, London

“I loved both presentations by Gloria and Dr. Coker. Most of the information will be useful for me. The event really did meet my expectations but would have loved to have more time to interact with the speaker.”

LO, Oxford

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