How to Stay Safe and Healthy through COVID-19 Crisis

It feels like there’s so much chaos and uncertainty in the world right now and alongside that is so much misinformation, fear and panic about the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s unreal.

During this difficult time, I want to share as much information and offer support where I can. I have put together some useful information for you and your family to be, live and stay healthy through this temporary period…and it is temporary, it will surely pass hopefully sooner rather than later. We just have to do the best we can, with the right information to stay healthy and leave the rest up to God.

I’ve heard so many stories and some myths going around such as “contracting the virus depends on climate”, “antibiotics or chloroquine has an effect on the virus” and so on…. Here’s the thing folks, don’t go on hearsay and gorge so much on the news that’s so depressing – find out what the facts are and go with that. The World Health Organisation puts out very useful and pertinent information as well as information that busts those myths and misinformation going around. Click here to read them.

The information from the World Health Organisation and the CDC states that those who are more vulnerable to the virus are the elderly, those with underlying issues such as respiratory conditions, cardiovascular disease or diabetes to name a few. Although that information has changed over the last few days, it still will be prudent for those who don’t fall into that category to follow prevention guidelines such as hand washing and avoiding people who are sick (click on the link to get the guidelines), and take steps to boost our immune system.

So how do you boost your immune system? The first step is to try to stay as calm as possible because fear and anxiety has a direct negative impact on your immune system. Next, click on the link to get access to my list of immune boosting tips. The steps we’re all having to take to slow the spread of the virus, social distancing, self quarantine and all, is creating so much fear and anxiety which impacts our mental wellbeing greatly. Here’s a useful article to help navigate through this trying time written by Emma Carbery, a brilliant Mindfulness Teacher: How to Lead from the Calm Center of the Storm.

I hope the information and tips are useful to you. Though we may think with all the crazy information going around, we have no control, the good news is that we do have a lot of control and can take steps to keep our mind and body healthy regardless of the situation. Let’s all join together to support each other and pray we see the back of this soon.


Stay safe and healthy.


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