Health, Fitness & Wellness Exhibition

I was at the Vitality show a couple of weeks ago at London’s Earl’s Court which was a lot of fun. The Vitality show is a health, beauty, fitness, and wellness exhibition that brings together companies under the health and wellness umbrella. Health and wellness programs have certainly leaped forward over the years as more attention is put on how people should be looking after themselves, this doesn’t just apply to at-home life, this is also important for workplaces to take on board so they can support their employees. 

The exhibition was really good and very informative. There were different things to keep you interested and involved in the exhibition from companies promoting their products to free fitness and yoga classes’ in-house, inspirational speakers, free products to try out, cooking demos and loads of other fun stuff.

I did stop at one of the cooking demos done by Sophie Michell, who is an established chef in the field of healthy cooking, and has several books out on the market. The demo was a 30 minute session and within that time, Sophie made four different recipes, 3 of which were Asian style salads and a desert – I was impressed at how quickly she made four recipes that looked and tasted awesome in 30 mins, guess that’s why she’s the chef huh!

My main purpose of going to the show was to look into what alternative therapies are out there and also find organic skincare to use. I have been asked by folks out there, especially the ladies, about skincare products, what I use and what I would recommend. What I did find was there are a lot of organic skincare companies out there I didn’t know about – and they are certified on a percentage level, awesome. Anyway, can’t try all of them so have picked two companies to try out their products. One company is called Pai Skincare, and the other is called The Green People. I will be trying out products from both companies over the next couple of weeks so look out for my blog on both soon. I will also let you know why I picked these two companies.

I will also be blogging about alternative therapies like Reiki, Reflexology and maybe a couple more, so look out for those too.

Peace and Fabulous health!

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