Wellbeing Day at The Nutri Centre July 20th

The first wellbeing day at the Nutri Centre was totally awesome. Those who attended had a totally awesome time and so did I. The day included nutrition and wellbeing workshops, yoga and massage treatments which left the ladies who attended totally relaxed and ready for the week ahead.

Seeing the look on the ladies faces and listening to them talk about how relaxed they felt and how much fun it was, made it all worth it. Here’s some feedback from a few of the attendees:


Enjoyed the day, learning about different products and ingredients. Enjoyed the yoga as well. EH

The workshops were very informative and fun, enjoyed learning more about juicing, super foods, skincare and essential oils. Felt very chilled by the end. SR

A day well spent! SE

Workshops and treatments were excellent, exceeded my expectations. ES

I enjoyed learning about juicing and products used for my skin type. OD

Pictures taken on the day – huge thanks and hugs to AC for taking them! Huge thanks also to Helen and Donatella for all the hard work, making the day a huge success. Thanks to Barbara and Jennifer for making the day complete.

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