What You Don’t Know May Be Killing You by Don Colbert M.D.

Another one of my favourite books like the previous one Anti-cancer:a new way of life. The reason these books are favourites of mine is because they are both written by doctors who have been on both sides of the spectrum i.e. doctors and patients, so the information you are getting is both from a medical and patient perspective. Don’t you just love it when you talk to doctors who have been through either similar health trials as you have and don’t end up talking to you like you’re just a name or number on a list? They get it!

Anyhow, this book gives an insight into not just food but environmental issues affecting your health as well. What dangerous chemicals we ingest from everyday foods; how we can eliminate dangers from the water we drink; how we can detox our bodies without causing harm and why we should; and a host of other practical information we would never have thought about.

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