Think Big by Ben Carson M.D.

Dr. Benjamin Carson, left, seated with Dr. Ant...

Ben Carson is professor and director of neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions and also best selling author of Gifted Hands and The Big Picture.

I first got to know about Ben Carson when I saw the movie Gifted Hands on DVD. It tells the story of Dr Carson’s life, coming from a disadvantaged background and doing quite poorly at school, with the help of his mother, he not only rose to become a well respected and accomplished paediatric neurosurgeon but also was the first to perform ground-breaking surgery on a set of conjoined twins who both survived.

After watching the movie, I was quite intrigued and did some research on him and that’s how I found this book. The book gives an insight into the life of Ben Carson and the principles he uses in his everyday life. Gets you thinking about the way you approach situations in life and encourages you to be the best you can be cause you have that potential to grow and Think Big.

Peace and Fabulous Health!

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