The Thrive Technique



Stress, diet and environmental factors create a build up of toxins and bacteria in the body, which slows us down and creates dis-ease in the body. Here you learn the importance of detox, what it entails and embark on the detox package provided.


We all live very stressed out busy lives and sometimes some of us don’t recognize how stressed out we are or that we are even stressed. This is even more evident when women decide they are ready to have babies or if they have been trying for a while and it hasn’t happened. This creates a huge amount of pressure and stress for them, which in turn could be contributing to the problem.

You learn what stress is, how to identify stress, how it affects us emotionally, physically and mentally and how to manage it. Whether you de-stress by having some hemp derived cbd edibles, going for a run, or singing in the shower, do what works for you!


Hormones control most of our bodily functions, our mood, what we eat, how we react to different situations amongst other aspects of our lives. We need to understand what hormones are in play and how they affect us, and learn how to keep them in balance through diet, exercise and lifestyle changes.

Healing Body & Soul:

Our gut health is the foundation and window to our overall health and wellbeing. If our gut health and emotions are compromised, we run the risk of dis-ease manifesting in our body. Through taking steps to deal with our emotions in a positive way and heal our gut through diet, good supplementation and lifestyle changes, we can improve health and the chances of getting pregnant more easily.


How we feed ourselves emotionally and physically are of paramount importance. Because a lot of us lead very busy lives, we succumb to the life of fast foods, frozen meals and lack of exercise. Here we get back to nature and learn what foods feed and nourish us emotionally and physically – it’s all about getting back to nature and getting grounded. Learning how to slow down and re-connect with our body is the key here. We’ll find tools and activities to help nurture the body, mind and spirit to get your body baby-ready.