Reset, Balance & Thrive Program

Your 6-week program designed to transform the way you navigate life through peri menopause & beyond! 

What if you could dramatically improve your energy, focus, sleep, diet and health in a matter of weeks?

The Joy that comes from having the energy to go through the day without feeling exhausted.

The Confidence that comes from having the clarity and focus to get things done.

The Power that comes from knowing you have the right tools to heal and to be in control of your health.

The Love that comes from knowing how incredibly connected you are with your body, honoring the messages it’s sending you and nourishing it with what it needs to thrive.

All that is within You, waiting to be unleashed!

We all lead very busy lives, constantly on the go sometimes not stopping until our head hits the pillow at night. Most of us notice symptoms creep up but we tend to push them away or if we do try to address them by going to the doctors, we tend not to get the care we need and leave feeling let down.
That happened with me and I decided to do something about it and find out why I was feeling the way I felt, definitely not like myself. If  you relate to any of the symptoms below, there’s a huge reason for it we don’t think about:

      • You’re gaining weight and don’t know why
      • You lack energy and feel fatigued all the time no matter how much sleep you get
      • You have trouble falling asleep and then have to drag yourself out of bed in the morning and inhale caffeine to get going
      • You crave ice cream or potato chips in the middle of the day and/or late at night
      • You’re so moody that your husband approaches with caution when he sees your face
      • You’re experiencing hot flushes and night sweats
      • Your periods are suddenly irregular
      • You often feel like you’re just losing your mind

No, you’re not losing your mind. There is a culprit behind what you’re experiencing….that culprit is Peri-menopause. Yup, that’s it my friends. That’s what is making you feel like you want to jump off a cliff sometimes. Thankfully you don’t have to do that just yet…or at all.

Peri-menopause is a natural life event, starting for most women in their early 40’s, sometimes from the age of 35. It’s a time often fraught with hormonal havoc and the lack of information & understanding can leave us feeling confused, frustrated & off-balance.

        • Having an intimate relationship with Mr. Google to get information and support on your health hasn’t worked and honestly takes way too long – you have tried that already!
        • Doctors don’t have any answers for you because your blood tests have come back normal, but you know and feel something isn’t right – you want answers!
        • Walking through everyday life in a haze or on auto-pilot and unhappy, isn’t working anymore (you have been doing that for the last few years)
          There is a solution…a solution that doesn’t involve medication, just tools that nature has indeed blessed us with. This program is perfect to learn how to ease your transition with nutrition & lifestyle choices. You’ll learn how to nurture and nourish your body and mind, to bring balance and wholeness to your menopause journey.

          You’re probably thinking – I don’t want to be there yet; how the heck and when did that happen?! I know and I totally feel you on that one – life happens, the wheels keep churning and suddenly the transition slaps you right bang in the face. Reality has set it and you just have to deal with it and grabbing the best tools nature has provided to support you and still live your best life.

It’s Time for a Reset – Time to Thrive!

It’s a state of commitment, openness and willingness to receive, that will unlock your path to fabulous health.

Welcome To Your Reset, Balance & Thrive Program

Welcome to your new life – the life where optimal health is normal

A BRAND NEW 6-Week Group Program to help you – reset, increase energy, balance your mood, lose weight, improve your skin, strengthen your immune system, and reduce hormone imbalance symptoms so you can live your best life through the transition!

Let’s face it, as women we don’t tend to instinctively think about our hormones being the culprit when we don’t feel our best or have other health issues crop up. There are signs and symptoms that tell us what may be going on, like sign posts to try to figure out where to begin with our healing journey. Some of those symptoms of hormonal imbalance include but not limited to:
– Unexplained weight gain,
– Oestrogen dominance,
– Irregular periods
– Hair loss or thinning
– Endometriosis
– Headaches and migraines
– Foggy thinking
– Mood swings
– Fatigue
– Thyroid problems
Learning how your hormones work and understanding the messages they send you can be a game- changer to optimising your health. When your hormones are balanced, you feel fantastic, more energised, sleep better and able to function without the need for caffeine or sugar, and manage your weight better.

Because we hit the reset button and unleashed the healing power within

And now, it’s your turn for a reset


  • Gain access to information and tools required to help you reset our health and hormones.
  • Understand the root cause of the issues you’ve been experiencing and get answers to your burning questions.
  • Get clear on how to create health and lifestyle plans to enable you to achieve your health goals and live a more energetic, vibrant life.
  • Gain access to support in a safe space while going through the healing process.
  • Turn 2022 and beyond into years of phenomenal health, growth and transformations, unlocking the possibilities you never knew existed.


Yes you really can:
  • Balance your hormones without having to go on the pill, HRT or anti-depressants
  • Have all-day energy without caffeine or stimulants
  • Feel focused and in control of your mood without medications
  • Feel confident and understand what your body needs to thrive
  • Lose weight so you feel lighter and fabulous

This program is for you if;

  • You’re committed to making a change and achieve your health goals.
  • You’re ready to show up, learn, receive and put in the work required.
  • Excited and ready for what new transformations are about to happen.
  • Want to understand how your body works, what it needs and how to nourish it.
  • You’re open and willing to receive.
  • You’re ready to start living your best life and health and would find the means to be part of the program because you know the value and what you would get out of it.

This program is not for you if;

  • You’re not ready and open to receive and start the year with massive transformations.
  • You’re not ready to commit to yourself and your health.
  • Can’t make the time to focus on your health.

Time to say good-bye to exhaustion, overwhelm, foggy thinking, hormone imbalance and hello to energised, fabulous health and life.



2 Instalments of £249

(Send an email to for instalment option)

Introductory offer price ends Friday 28th January at Midnight!


The program starts on the 31st of January for 6-weeks online in the Hormone Reset and Thrive private Facebook group

  • Weekly one-hour Facebook group calls with Gloria – Value: £2000
  • Access to 3-day detox program – Value: £297
  • Meal, Self-Care and Essential Oils plan – Value: £600
  • Daily support in Facebook community- Value: Priceless

Total Value: £2897


Monday, 31st January 2022 (4pm UK / 8pm UAE): Detox Introduction

7th February 2022 – 14th March 2022, every Monday – Group support call

18th March 2022 – Support call, plus a group round up and moving forward

You now have the safe space and opportunity to reset and take back control of your health and get back in balance!


As a Holistic Health Coach, I specialize in women’s health and wellness, taking them from stressed and exhausted to living more energetic, vibrant lives. I work with clients on a 1-2-1 basis, with a special focus on managing stress, balancing hormones. I enjoy sharing information that empowers women to make the best health and lifestyle choices, to enable them take control of their hormones and overall health, often when other methods have failed.

I do this by guiding and supporting women on their journey to health and wellness by utilizing my two popular programmes – The Thrive Technique ™ and Blissfully Balanced Programmes. I created these programmes to relieve stress, balance hormones, improve diet and work on wellbeing making the individual more relaxed and able to face each day.

My aim is to inform, share my experience and provide holistic health and wellness information to improve health utilising what nature has blessed us with. I also educate individuals on natural preventative methods to reduce the risk of disease and live an optimally healthy lifestyle.

Gloria New 2_smaller


I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up, I just knew I needed to do and try something different to improve my health. The whole process was life changing.  I tried out new foods that nourished me, I connected with my body and started listening and making changes that it needed and reduced my thyroid medication by half.  I am looking forward to coming off them completely.  This was the best thing I did for myself signing up to this program.  Thank you Gloria

~Sarah Kirkwood, New York~

When I signed up to the program, I was at the end of my rope and needed to find a solution to how I was feeling and going through. I’m a working, single mum of two, I felt constantly overwhelmed, tired, stressed out.  A lot of the time, I felt I was going out of my mind, I wasn’t thinking clearly, was short with my kids and didn’t want them to see me like this.  I knew I needed help but wasn’t sure what form that would be.  I met Gloria and had a initial discovery session with her.  She highlighted a few things that rang true to me and what I was feeling, especially symptoms of hormone imbalance, and her program sounded like exactly what I needed.  I signed up to her program.  The first few weeks were a struggle for me initially, and Gloria was very supportive and suggested we slow the pace down so I’m able to do the work, feel the changes and enjoy the program.  That was the best thing for me as I got into the program at my pace and started to feel better, more grounded and able to cope with everything.  I sleep better now, my hormones are more balanced, and I am healthier and happier that I have been in years – I would recommend this program without hesitation

~Lucille Hammond, Birmingham UK~

Total Value: £2897

Your Investment: £497


2 installments of £297

Offer ends 14th December 2022 at Midnight!

These prices will go away with the end of JANUARY.
Grab this amazing offer now!

Taking the time to read this means you are ready for a change and if you’re not already aware, you are making the change. Time to take back control of your health and start 2022 with huge transformations in your health and life.

You Can Totally Do This!