Join The 7-Day Sugar Cleanse Challenge!

Want to start 2016 off with a huge, healthy bang?

Want to learn how to reduce or get off the sugar roller coaster?

Want to reduce stress, balance hormones and improve fertility?


Then sign up for the free 7-Day Sugar Cleanse challenge beginning January 2016.

This cleanse is designed to give you all the tools to end sugar cravings for good, lose unwanted weight, relieve constipation, balance hormones, sleep better, and beat the bloat! No more fatigue, no more mood swings, even depression and brain fog will be lifted when you are able to rid your body of sugar! It’s called a “challenge” but you will find the recipes and exercises hardly a challenge to stick to!



Starting 19th January, you’ll get:

• A 7-day meal plan with shopping list
• Daily email with coaching tips and daily assignments on how to cut back on sugar
• All of your healthy cooking and nutrition questions answered by our coach
PLUS: A chance to win 2 consultations with the Health Coach (worth over £250 in value).

Date: 19th – 25th January 2016




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