How To Use Your Summer Holiday To Prepare For Pregnancy

1There are so many things that go into preparing for pregnancy and while you probably won’t associate it with your summer holiday, it’s the perfect opportunity to supercharge your mind and body for preconception in a very natural and organic way.

It’s a chance to relax

One of the main reasons we look forward to our holidays is because it gives us the chance to relax and completely re-charge.  It’s almost annoying the number of times you hear about people who have been trying for babies for years to find that the moment they relax and stop trying they conceive and have a happy, healthy pregnancy.  Well there is method to the myth, and it’s one of the reasons I am a big advocate of fertility massage in my programs.

With any luck your summer holiday will include some peace and quiet and perhaps even some time to bring a little meditation into your day.  The thing is that stress releases hormones which can block regular ovulation, so giving yourself the time to create a positive stress relieving practice and building it into your day is only ever going to be good.  Trying to conceive is, in itself, stressful if it’s not happening quickly, so if possible try to use your holiday to just enjoy being in the now and not thinking about the end goal of your meditation and relaxation processes.

3Take advantage of the diet

Particularly if you’re going somewhere nice and hot, healthy diets with lots of vegetables, whole grains and a lack of processed foods and refined sugars are all a natural part of the holiday experience.  So if you are looking to adapt your diet, a holiday is a good time to do so without feeling as though it’s a trial.

Think of all the wonderful fruit, vegetables, fresh oils, fish, seeds and nuts that are so prevalent in a Mediterranean diet for example.  If you’re anything like me then few things beat a spread of all those lovely foods at lunchtime with a view of the sea or the pool.  Complete it with a walk in the sand in the afternoon and a good book to clear your mind and nothing could be happier!

2Get some sun

Vitamin D plays a strong role in fertility and the biological processes surrounding it and is believed to affect the levels of sex hormones as well.  So on that note let’s assume that summer holidays are going to be about a good dose of sunshine, and with the necessary precautions against burning, it gives you another reason to really soak it up and enjoy the process.

Your holiday should give you a nice Vitamin D boost which is good for all aspects of your health and wellbeing at any rate, and a healthy body in general is going to mean it can support itself and your baby through pregnancy, as and when it happens.  However, it’s also a good opportunity to think about how to get a little Vitamin D on a regular basis – going for lunchtime walks perhaps when you’re at work, or finding other opportunities a little and often to get outside.  Other benefits of Vitamin D include healthier bones, teeth and nails, it’s good for your skin (assuming you don’t burn) and helps to ward off disease, so all in all a good thing.

Happy holidays!


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