How To Make Almond Milk!

A few years ago, I started making my own almond milk and when I talk about it to people, I get this shock look and question…how the heck do you make your own almond milk? Isn’t it a long difficult process? The answer to the first question is, easily, and the second – it’s not a long process at all…or maybe it is…

The long part of the process is so easy you don’t even have to do much or think about it. all you have to do is soak the almonds in a bowl with fresh filtered water for about eight hours or better done overnight and make your nut milk in the morning.

Here’s how you make nut milk:


1 cup organic almonds (or any nuts of your choice)homemade-almond-milk-015

2 – 3 cups of filtered water

2 drops vanilla (optional)

Maple sweetener (or any natural sweetener of your choice – optional)


  1. Soak your almonds in water overnight
  2. In the morning, rinse out thoroughly and place in Soyabella nut milk maker (or blender)
  3. Add 1/2 to 1 litre of filtered water
  4. Turn on nut milk maker and blend for 30 seconds , pour in a jug
  5. If using a blender, blend for about 1-2 minutes, pour milk through a sieve or nut milk bag
  6. Add vanilla and sweetener, mix thoroughly and enjoy..

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