How Juicing Can Help Fertility

 I am a big fan of juicing for general health and well-being, especially if it involves more vegetables than fruit because it’s a brilliant way to support your health, give the digestive system a break and a cleanse as well, and of course it get lots of good things into your system at the start of the day.  However, on a more purposeful note and keeping preconception in mind, it’s also a good way to help support fertility.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that a healthy dose of fruit and veg is going to be good for anyone hoping to conceive.  With infertility and problems conceiving proving a common concern in the UK, nutrition is one of the first things that’s recommended to address when thinking about a holistic approach.  For those about to embark on IVF, nutrition is the starting point for creating a healthy environment for a foetus to grow, and frankly juicing makes it easier to get the nutrients you need for that into the body.

So how does it help?


Cell production: producing new cells in the body is of course supported by that aforementioned nutrients.  Giving the body what it needs to do its daily job of replacing cells as they die and regenerate makes for healthy building blocks in all parts of the body including the uterus, blood, fallopian tubes and eggs.  This also allows for healthier blood flow to the uterus.



SugarsBalancing your cycle:  if your cycle is irregular or you have problems with your periods then it follows that it could be having an impact on your ability to conceive.  Refined sugars give the body an insulin spike that can be extremely disruptive to your hormones, so again when it comes to juicing, what you’re aiming for is to give the body everything it needs in a measured way so that you don’t feel that need for a sugar hit and therefore your hormones aren’t given a nasty shock at any point.


CleanseCleansing the liver: because of the liquid and the ingredients of your juices (which you can amend to suit your needs and is something I advise my clients on), juicing is a wonderful way to help cleanse the liver and keep it healthy and functioning properly.  The way this supports fertility is that the liver is your body’s way of helping to get rid of unwanted toxins.  We are exposed to so many in our daily lives in products, foods and the atmosphere, sometimes the body needs a little support to do its job properly.  As you can imagine, none of those chemicals are going to help the body to prepare for conception, so again it’s a case of doing all the little things so the body can work its own magic.

JuiceEgg health: when it comes to egg health it’s all about nutrients.  Last week on the blog I looked at some of the foods to include in your diet to support egg health and key amongst them were leafy greens.  This is probably my favourite thing to include in any smoothie, particularly with spices like ginger to add flavour.  They are filled with vitamin B and folate which improve ovulation and are even said to boost your sex drive, which can only help really!  Once again, juicing is a wonderfully easy way to help get all those nutrients into the body, so get juicing!

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