Five Fertility Superfoods To Include In Your Preconception Diet


Nutrition plays a key role in supporting fertility (as well as all other areas of well-being), and while the term ‘superfood’ is chronically overused, there are a few that seem to have magical fertility powers when included as part of a healthy diet. So I thought I would share five personal favourites with you… 

Broccoli: for both men and women broccoli is rich in vitamin C, which is essential for anyone planning to conceive. Vitamin C helps to protect sperm from DNA damage in men, and for women it also contains calcium, iron and zinc which are particularly important for women in their mid thirties and over who are looking to conceive.

Walnuts: nuts are generally considered to be something of a nutritional powerhouse and walnuts are right up there amongst the best of them. They are good for everyone, but it’s also a great one to get the man in your life to eat because they’re particularly potent for sperm production. For women they are a brilliant way of helping you to sleep better and cope with stress, lower cholesterol and boost well-being by having a daily handful as part of a healthy diet, all of which will help to improve your health preconception.

Pumpkin seeds: these simple little superfoods are a must for your preconception diet, containing zinc that helps to encourage egg growth and cell division in a foetus. A lack of zinc is also sometimes connected with a risk of miscarriage, and adding it to your diet is simple – just pop a handful on your breakfast in the morning or have them as a healthy afternoon snack.

Berries: it goes without saying that a certain amount of fruit as part of a balanced diet is a good thing, but berries in particular have their role to play in a preconception diet. For example, goji berries are praised by nutritionists for their phytochemical content that is beneficial for fertility.

Beetroot: high in antioxidants and nitrates that are known for improving blood flow, beetroots and beetroot juice are particularly recommended for women undergoing IVF treatment to improve uterine blood flow and aid embryo plantation.

Happy, healthy eating!


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