Chlorella – SuperFood, Super Benefits

Chlorella is a single-celled fresh water algae originally produced as a source of protein. Chlorella is a whole food and is rich in phytonutrients including amino acids, chlorophyll, beta-carotene, potassium, phosphorus, biotin, magnesium, vitamins C and E, B vitamins, as well as iron and zinc.




Chlorella contains more chlorophyll per gram than any other plant. Chlorophyll is one of the greatest food substances for rejuvenating the blood and cleansing the bowels and liver.

Studies have shown that chlorella benefits the entire body by supporting healthy hormonal function, good cardiovascular health, helps improve the immune system, digestion, detoxifies the body, accelerates healing, protects against radiation and aids in the prevention of degenerative diseases. Chlorella is best in cold climate.

Benefits of Chlorella

  1. Detoxifies heavy metals: One of Chlorella’s most significant health benefits is that detoxifies metals from our body by wrapping itself around toxins residing in our bodies including lead, cadmium, mercury, and uranium and keeps them from being reabsorbed. If you have mercury filling, eat a lot of fish or have been exposed to radiation, regular consumption of Chlorella helps to keep heavy metals from accumulating in our body’s soft tissues and organs in the first place.
  1. Detox Radiation And Chemotherapy: Chlorella’s high levels of chlorophyll have been shown to protect the body against ultraviolet radiation treatments while removing radioactive particles from the body.
  1. Immune System Support: Studies have shown that Chlorella can provide critical benefits for the health of individuals, especially those who have low or suppressed immune systems caused by chronic long-term illness or chemotherapy. Studies suggest that Chlorella accelerates the recovery of developing immune system cells and restores the population of mature white blood cells.
  1. Weight Loss: Chlorella benefits you by helping to regulate hormones, helping with metabolism, improving circulation, and promoting higher levels of energy. It also helps to reduce weight and body fat, and removes stored toxins.
  1. Look Younger: Research continues to reveal that Chlorella may also slow the aging process, making you look younger. The reason Chlorella is so effective at giving you younger looking skin is because it naturally increases levels of vitamin A, vitamin C and glutathione in your body, which eliminates free radicals and protects your cells. More benefits listed for hair and skin from the folks at BeHealthy.
  1. Cancer: It is believed that all human bodies at some time develop cancer cells. Properly functioning immune systems have the ability to attack and destroy these cells, before they have the chance to take hold and create cancer. A recent medical study found that Chlorella helps fight cancer in several ways: it strengthens the immune system, so our bodies respond properly, it removes heavy metals and toxins from our body, and studies have shown that individuals once diagnosed with cancer, Chlorella enhances the action of T cells helping to fight new abnormal cells.
  1. Blood Sugar And Cholesterol: Type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol are two of the serious chronic conditions facing many people today. Years of battering our body, bad diet, and stress has led to a huge rise in the number of people diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol levels. Studies have shown that regular use of chlorella helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It is believed that chlorella activates a number of genes at the cellular level that help improve sensitivity to insulin that encourages a healthy balance.

Chlorella can be taken either as a supplement in tablet form or the powder added to your juice or smoothies daily.


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  1. Great Article. Very Informative. Had heard of Spirulina but hadn’t heard about Chlorella before!

    • Thanks Kim. There’s so much out there but with the right knowledge, we can always choose what’s best for our body.

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