Blissfully Balanced 2022

Welcome to the Blissfully Balanced Program

Time to claim back your life and feel more Energised, Focused, Happy and Healthy.

Most women don’t know what it is like to live healthy,
energised lifestyles that allow them to feel like themselves.

Perhaps you are one of those women?

You totally don’t feel like, or recognise yourself half the time.  You’ve experienced symptoms like stress, low energy / fatigue, brain fog, lack of motivation, unexplained weight “loss or gain”, low mood, insomnia, low metabolism – or you’ve been to your doctor who has run tests that have come back normal and you’ve been told there is nothing wrong – but you still feel like crap!

A few years ago, I went through breast cancer treatment and a lot of the symptoms I had from the drugs, among the ridiculous fatigue, were menopausal symptoms in my early 30s.  (Night sweats, hot flashes, foggy thinking etc.)

Coming off the medication Tamoxifen after 5 years, I experienced the worst of the symptoms mentioned above.  When I spoke to my oncologist about it (I had no idea that it would happen) – her response was “oh yes, that does tend to happen, but it doesn’t happen to everyone.  You have to ride it out, they will calm down, but I can’t give you a timeline”

Great, thanks for the heads up – NOT!

I realised it all came down to my hormones.  They had taken a serious battering from all the drugs and were totally out of balance.

Since then, I have met and seen so many women suffer unnecessarily, not just from the side effects of medication but also the effects stress, diet and life in general have on our hormones.

It’s time we make a change.

The Blissfully Balanced Program is a women’s health and wellness program, that I created for women to learn and understand more about hormones and help them calm the chaos and get their balance back.

In just 3 months you can get started on your health journey and create a fabulous new you.

Many people don’t realize how powerful hormones are, and the effects they can have on both your body and mind. Virtually every cell in your body has hormones; from your bones to your skin.

This programme is designed to:

  1. Help you learn more about your hormones and how to get them balanced
  2. Help you stop feeling tired, exhausted, so you have clarity, focus and feel more energised
  3. Take you through a 12 day detox – a gentle, guided program designed to nurture and heal your garden that is your body so it’s healthy so you feel more balanced and confident in your body
  4. Help you create the tools you need to personally balance your hormones so you start feeling healthy, invigorated and more like your fabulous self again!

Additional Features:

Sign up and get these amazing bonuses

Bonus 1: 12-Day Detox (Value: £297)

Total Detox – Total Transformation – Total Support. Over 12 days you can dissolve your sugar cravings and forget about carbs! Experience what it feels like to completely purify your body and cleanse your entire system of stored up toxins that have been weighing you down for years. Ditch some of those pounds and fall in love with your radiant skin and new sense of vitality!

Bonus 2: 8-Week Thrive Program (Value: £497)

The Thrive Technique consists of what I believe to be the five pillars of health which supports individuals on their journey to fabulous health and wellness.  The five pillars include Detox, De-stress, Balance, Healing Body and Soul and Nourish.  On this 8-week programme we will explore and implement each of these pillars.  Leaving you feeling healthy, invigorated and ready for anything that may come your way.

Bonus 3: Additional 2 sessions on top of the 6 which is a total of 8 sessions (Value: £4200)

We understand that each person’s body works differently, because of this I have decided to gift you an additional 2 consultations with this package.  During these consultations we will discuss your health history, nutrition and wellness information, as well as setting goals specific to your health needs, ensuring a proper transition to a healthy lifestyle. You can use these additional consultations at any time.

Total value £4,994

Regular Price £3000

Your investment £1,497 saving a whopping £1503

Or 3 instalments of £499 


What other ladies are saying:

I got fixed!!

When I first met Gloria, I told her I wanted her to “fix me.” I had just turned 39 and felt I was at the lowest point of my health. Everything felt heavy, bloated and blah. I was working too much, eating junk, and wasn’t making good decisions about my health and well-being. I wanted a total reset. After an initial consultation, I was impressed by her passion and knowledge about nutrition and wellness. She wasn’t just selling something she read in a book somewhere, she was sharing her own personal tried and tested learnings with her clients. As a natural sceptic, knowing that it came from her own personal journey and difficult path to return to health made it even better. And so my journey with Gloria began.

I opted for a 3-month plan – complete with online content, regular face-to-face coaching sessions, tools to track my food and feelings, and various stages to get my health back on track. I was reluctant to start the initial 12-day cleanse, because I had no idea how I would actually make it through 12 whole days. After 2 days I felt such a positive difference in my gut, energy levels and mood that I was committed. The next 12 days passed in a blur. It is remarkable how our body starts to ignore all the signs of discomfort when we don’t eat well, so much so that it becomes our norm. The first 12 days taught me how “good” actually feels – and I was hooked.

The remainder of our time together was spent resetting certain behaviours and ensuring the newly learned patterns stuck. Throughout it all, she never judged and always gently nudged me in the direction I knew I needed to go in. Gloria is patient and kind and I am grateful to her for helping me be the better version of myself. More than six months after my journey with Gloria started, I still feel great, and I am confident it is because she has helped me better understand my relationship with food as well as make better choices in terms of my overall wellness. Highly recommended!!

– Ashley B.

Beautiful Transformation

I signed up for the 3 month Blissfully Balanced programme after attending a seminar Gloria delivered. I realised I had been struggling with massive hormone imbalance for many years and wanted to fix it. We worked closely together over that time and it transformed my life! Not only did I learn a lot, but my health improved so drastically that my thyroid medication was halved in just a few months. I am now in a position to heal myself, armed with the knowledge and confidence that Gloria has given me.

Gloria’s coaching style is holistic in every sense of the word. She works through the physical, mental and emotional bodies – allowing you to delve deep into yourself. If you have been working with regular medical practitioners and aren’t getting the answers you need, talk to Gloria!

Hannah Dennehy
Arbitration Centre Head of Client Relations

Something miraculous happened

Gloria is very professional and caring, I didn’t really know what to expect when I signed up to her programme. My diet prior to signing up was healthy but I learnt so much more on the programme, I wanted to cleanse my system and get healthier after undergoing breast cancer treatment.

Two weeks after I started, something miraculous happened; I lost a huge amount of weight from my stomach! I put it down to the green smoothies, portion control and exercise. I receive compliments from friends, colleagues and even my consultants on how much better, healthier and stronger I look. Most of all, apart from looking great, I feel fantastic! I will recommend Gloria’s health programme wholeheartedly to anyone who wants to lead a healthier, less stressful lifestyle and learn about healing foods.

Nevo Burrell
Image consultant, London.

It Is Time to Take Back Control of Your Health and Hormones

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Here’s the thing, I believe in this program because the steps and information contained inside are what I used to get my hormones balanced and my health to it’s optimum levels.  Which is why my program comes with a 90-day money back guarentee.

Why 90-days?  Because it takes that length of time to reset your hormones and start feeling your absolute best.  I invite buyers to purchase and download my program and bonuses, test it out and, if at anytime during the next 90 days you don’t feel 100% happy or feel better, simply contact support and we will issue a refund.

Special Offer £1497

(Saving a whopping £1503)

Or 3 installments of £499

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