Are you ready to live a happier and healthier lifestyle in 2018?

With the new year just a hop, skip and jump away, those lingering thoughts of new year’s resolutions are starting to become louder in the back of your mind.  When it comes to resolutions for the new year, somewhere amongst the “be more successful”, “travel more” and “meet new people” – the underlying resolution to that will enable to you reach these goals is to be, and stay, healthy.  But, the big question that always comes with this is always; “HOW will I get there?”

So, you hop on the internet, search “how to stay healthy,” and see 7.8 billion websites that promise you fast results with minimal effort.  You get overwhelmed and intimidated, not knowing where to go next.  Well, look no further – over the next couple of weeks, we will be doing a small “Get ready for 2018” series, that will take you through the beginning steps of setting yourself up for a successful and healthy new year!

First things first: Find the source of the problem

Think back to the last time you tried to stick to your “get healthy and stay in shape” routine.  Were you successful?  If not, what was it that stopped you from reaching your goal?  CONGRATULATIONS, you have already conquered the first hurdle – that method obviously does not work for you – so why try it again?

Fad diets, diet pills, and shakes never have a long-term effect, and they can sometimes cause more harm than good to your body.

If you want to succeed at changing your life for the better, all you need is 3 things to get started:

  1. Education – HOW will you live a healthier lifestyle?
  2. Inspiration – WHY are you trying to live a healthier lifestyle?
  3. Support – WHO will support you during this time?

We will be discussing these 3 things over the next couple of weeks to get you started on the journey for a happy and healthier lifestyle in 2018 – so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with our new articles and other exciting things.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Until our next article, grab a journal to jot down your thoughts, goals, and your progress over the next couple of weeks.  Perhaps you are looking to start by cutting out sugar from your life?  Or you are looking to add some new yoga positions (or to try yoga for the first time) … Whatever your goal may be, remember to keep it simple but specific, and get started today.

Big things come from small beginnings, so pick the tiniest change or action you can take to get started, and then repeat that every day. As you start to build the habit, you can increase the ‘difficulty’ and try something a bit more challenging, but it all starts with habit building.

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