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I have met some fabulous women along the way since I started on my health journey, all of them doing absolutely fabulous things. Check out the links to their rocking websites below!

Squeeze Juice Café is an Artisan producer with full provenance and traceability – growing, harvesting, juicing, processing and packaging Wheatgrass shots –ensuring that every Wheatgrass shot you receive is as fresh as possible. We deliver energy boosting wheatgrass juice direct to your door in shot-sized pouches, so all you have to do is open and enjoy a wheat grass boost, without the fuss.  No additives and no preservatives are used at any point.

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Beauty Despite Cancer is blessed with the most amazing and inspirational writers. They have cancer patients and survivors, beauty, well-being and fashion experts as well as writers from the fields of business, finance and insurance. 

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Embrace is an exclusive boutique offering a specialist service and support to women affected by cancer, to women undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy, to women experiencing hair loss and to their partners, friends and relatives.  They believe that women affected by cancer and alopecia are getting a raw deal from mainstream retailers.

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Jo originally created this web site to provide ‘signposting’ for information to help make the right decision for patients at this crucial time in their diagnosis.  From her own experience, not enough patients were being offered the different options of reconstructive surgery (whether you have a single mastectomy, double mastectomy or reconstruction).

Supporting primary and secondary breast cancer patients make informed choices with information and up to date news on treatments, breast surgeries, consultants, hospital and useful links

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In her early fifties, Tracey was searching the internet for sources of health and fitness information and ways to look and feel better.  She couldn’t find one place to gather this knowledge.  So Tracey took her advertising and marketing skills, combined them with her love of beauty products and a healthy lifestyle, gathered together some wonderful experts and created Fighting Fifty.  At Fighting Fifty you will find some tips and advice on ways you can age positively and live your life to the full.

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Go Organic MEs story began with a fire. After becoming a mother to two beautiful boys, she wanted to provide the best for her boys. Being holistic and spiritually inclined, her passion towards healthy and Organic eating has been there since childhood. At that time, there was just one organic store in Dubai and there was no option of local, Organic produce then.

Go Organic ME was born out of pure passion of helping people. She realised that proper Organic farming was not practiced in the country. So they formed a Company, worked with some farms in partnership and ensured all was done 100% Organic. And then, They started growing!

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