5 Beautiful Berry Boosts

Berries may be one of the smallest fruits but they are jammed packed with all the goodness that people need in their daily lives.  Not only do they taste great but they will help you lose weight and will help prevent disease.

What makes these delicious fruits so special is that they are packed full of phytochemicals, these are the naturally occurring nutrients that will protect your body’s cells from damage.  Go grab yourself some blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and add some blackberries for fun and start snacking!

Berry Boost for your Mental Health

A research study published in the Annals of Neurology showed that women who ate two servings of berries a week experienced less of a mental decline.  “The effect might be related to a class of compounds called anthocyanidins,” explains Elizabeth Devore, an associate epidemiologist. “These compounds, found almost exclusively in berries, are known to cross the blood-brain barrier and locate in learning and memory centres in the brain.”

Berry Boost for your Heart Health

A study which was published in PLos Medicine shows that loading up on fruits and vegetables changes the genetic risk carried in the 9p21 gene which is known to be related to heart disease. Even people who have a strong inherited risk for heart disease found that diets that include raw fruits and vegetables decreased their chances of having a heart attack.

Berry Boost for Weight Control

Because berries are rich in fibre, they give you the sense of being full and feeling full is an important aspect of managing your diet.  By experimenting with different berries, you can add them into your meals in many different ways, such as salad dressing, fresh juice or you can pair them with a couple of almonds for a fast snack, they are even delicious on their own the way you find them in nature.  Why not try emulsifying them and making them part of a fruit vinaigrette rather than using a lot of oil.

Berry Boost for Lower Blood Pressure

The chemical compounds found in these lovely little fruits fight the systematic inflammation that accompanies high blood pressure which will make your body healthier overall.  Dieticians and physicians together recommend diets that are rich with fresh fruits and veggies.  This benefit goes back to the antioxidant properties they are share.

Berry boost against Cancer

Blueberries and Raspberries in particular are Flavonoid-packed berried and may one day lead to more effective cancer-prevention strategies.  Research found in the Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis proposes that flavonoids and other compounds readily found in berries help reduce the risk of colon cancer. Most cancer prevention diets emphasize the importance of an abundance of fruits and vegetables, including berries.

Are you looking for a creative way to add some berry to your cooking – why not take a look at our Recipes page and find one that suits you best!

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