3 Day Detox Programme


Have you over-indulged through the holidays? Do you feel bloated, sluggish and tired? Do you feel like you’re carrying a few extra pounds around at the moment? Then it’s time for a detox!

Detoxing can do more than make your eyes sparkle and your skin glow – it can boost energy levels, improve digestion and help shift a few unwanted pounds too.

If you have never detoxed before and want to give it a try or you want a quick plan you can commit to, then this is the program for you. This 3-Day detox program will get you started cleaning out toxins which you may have accumulated over the holidays and get you on your way to fabulous health and wellbeing.

This is not a starvation program. It’s about cleaning out toxins and replacing them with the nutrients your body needs to thrive, and understanding your body and what works for it.


Here’s what you’ll get:

–          Shopping list to include required ingredients for the program

–          Juice and food recipes

–          Information on how those ingredients will help your body

–          Exercise suggestions

–          Email and phone support through the program (limited to one 30 minute phone call)


You may feel a little crappy on the first day but that would start to clear up on the second day and you start feeling the good effects thereafter. The entire program cost is £79 which includes everything listed above and a health consultation with me at the end of the program.

Are you ready to cleanse, gain more energy, think clearly and most of all lose some weight? If the answer is yes, the click on the button below to sign up NOW!

3-Day Detox Program Price – £79




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