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Hormones have profound effects on your mental, physical and emotional health. Having gone through breast cancer treatment myself, I experienced many issues due to the medication I was given, and it affected my health and wellbeing in a very real and serious way. I didn’t feel myself at all for a long time.

When I asked my oncologist what could be done about the symptoms and how long they would last, the answer I got was – you just have to wait and ride it out, we can’t give you a time line cause it’s different for everyone – wow, I was totally shocked and at a loss for what to do.  That’s not an answer when you really don’t feel like yourself and know something isn’t quite right.

Are your hormones causing havoc in your body?

When hormones are not kept in check, it can impact your body and lifestyle with negative side effects that no one wants.  Weight gain, fatigue, acne, hair loss and mood swings have no place in the world of a fabulous woman like you!

Check if YOUR hormones are the reason you are not living the life you want

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The Thrive Technique™

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From Stressed and Exhausted to Energised, Vibrant Health!

Body Boost

Your personal guide to feeling fit, fabulous and healthy

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