Body Boost Package

Do you feel like you’ve focused so much of your life on your career and now feel really stressed, burnt out, unhealthy and worry about having left it a bit late to have children?

You’ve probably spent a lot of time and money going on different diets over time and joined the gym in a bid to get healthy but haven’t kept up with any of it and still feel really lethargic and unhealthy.

A lot of people have the misconception that being on a diet is a way to get healthy, which unfortunately it doesn’t. Diets don’t necessarily work, one of the reasons for this is that by telling yourself you will be depriving yourself of certain foods for a limited period, you’ve technically set yourself up for failure because the more you deprive yourself, the more your brain says you want it.

Being healthy would entail a change from the diet mentality to more of a healthy lifestyle change, and you need the 6 essential pillars to succeed. These 6 pillars are what make up the “Circle Of Health” which is crucial to building a healthy lifestyle and environment for pregnancy and for your baby to thrive.

The Rock on Divas Thrive Technique ™ Program is designed to:

  1. Help you understand how your body works and what it needs to thrive
  2. Enable you gain clarity and knowledge on foods and how they can either heal you or what foods would make you sick
  3. Help you understand how your emotions affect your health and wellbeing
  4. Enable you create a healthy body and lifestyle for pregnancy

8-Week Thrive Technique ™ Program

What’s included in your 8-week program?

This program has been designed to include tried and tested information, tips and tools I have used over the last 6 years and information from some of the best expert health and wellness professionals in the industry some of whom are my mentors.

The group will have a maximum of 10 women, which will ensure that everyone is being looked after and gets the best out of each session.


Here’s what you get:

 Modules (video materials, worksheets & activities)

Each week you get a new module containing video and health and wellness worksheets and activities that will teach you about nutrition and changes that will help improve your health and lifestyle.

Live Q&A

There will be 5 Q&A calls where you will be able to have your questions answered. You can email your questions prior to the calls.

Private Facebook Group

Having a place to connect and interact with other ladies who have the same or similar goals to you is key to success and priceless. You will gain access to the private group where you can post questions, share your experiences and interact with other ladies in the group.


It does take time to implement the changes, see and feel the difference so be prepared to be focused and committed to do the hard work. Rest assured, you will have the support to guide you through and make it to the other side! Click on the button below to get in touch.


If you would like more information on the programs we offer or any health related questions or tips, please send get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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