Body Boost Program

Body Boost Program

Your personal guide to feeling fit, fabulous and healthy

  • Are you tired of working out constantly, but still unable to shift those last few pounds?
  • Do you want to eat healthy and LIVE Healthy?
  • Are you frustrated with diets because none of them seem to work?

Find out what happens when you decide to take control of your hormones …

During my treatment for breast cancer, my life was turned upside down.  Not only did I have to deal with the stress that comes with breast cancer, but without any warning, my hormones were causing havoc with my body and my lifestyle.  I was demotivated and experiencing what every woman in her early thirties’ fears: Menopausal symptoms!

Since my medication was the one of the reasons my hormones were going crazy, I went on the search for natural ways to help heal my body and essentially start feeling like myself again.  During this journey I met and spoke to many women who were experiencing something similar – but no doctor could pinpoint the problem.

I decided to share my knowledge that I picked up on my own journey with those who are looking for a new lease on life.  For those women who want to shed the extra kilos but dieting just does not work.

For those who want to live a life worth living.

I designed the Body Boost program to be an exciting journey of personal growth and discovery!

What you will get out of the Body Boost Program:

A Workout routine that suits your body and schedule
A delicious Meal plan that will put a stop to those crazy, unhealthy cravings
A deeper understanding of your body and how it works

Today could be the fresh start you need to start living a happier and healthier lifestyle!

My 4-week program includes having me as your personal health coach.  We will embark on an invigorating journey, where you will reconnect with yourself and learn more about what your body needs.

I will be guiding you through techniques that I use myself daily and I will be with you every step of the way!

Are you ready to get the boost you need to start feeling fit, fabulous and healthy?

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You won’t regret it.

Take a look at what others have said:

The program was easy to follow…

I tried the Rock on Divas Body Boost Health program primarily because I needed to improve my health and wellbeing. I am an active individual and exercise daily, however over the years I had acquired unhealthy habits such as wine and eating too much protein and not enough of the complex carbohydrate that my body needs. I constantly felt tired, hormones all over the place and constipated so I really needed help.

The program was easy to follow, Gloria talked me through the various steps and gave me guidance on how to cleanse my system and ensure that I consumed the right foods to help boost my energy level and improve my diet.

I feel great, less stressed and everyone keeps commenting on how glowy I look, my skin looks great and I feel alert and my mood is much better too. I’ll definitely recommend this program to all my friends and family.

Rasine Abdullahi – London

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