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November 22nd 2013 Spa Day Feedback


Perfect day – Yoga and massage were fantastic, very useful information given at the workshops as well. Would definitely recommend to anyone who needs a perfect day like this.

Angela O

Workshops were very informative. I had a facial which was really lovely. I would like to have information breast care, bras and breast change after radiotherapy included in the information part of the day. I liked being around women who had been through the same experience, overall lovely and relaxing day. Would recommend to friends.

Diane G

I liked everything about the day. Loved the talks and the facial I had was amazing. Yoga was also great. Would definitely recommend this day to other women who have gone through the same experience.

Joanne E

I found the skincare information very useful and interesting. The facial I had was amazing, would recommend to others.

Helen A

What I loved about the day was the chance to learn about healthy living, the chance to relax through yoga and treatments and the chance to share experiences. The yoga and massage sessions were excellent, and the presentations were fascinating and informative. Would definitely recommend this to others.

Judith P

I loved everything, the talks, juicing, skincare, yoga and the facial I had. Also meeting other fabulous divas. I enjoyed the information on the beauty/skincare ingredients.

Nevo B

I loved it all but the facial was especially amazing. Thank you, I had a really great time. Would write about it and recommend to others.

Laura C

I loved meeting all the lovely ladies. The workshops were very informative, facial and yoga were great.


Just what the doctor ordered! Workshops were very informative and the treatments were wonderful. Would attend another again and recommend to others.

Yvette M

I liked interacting with the other women who had been through the same experience. The workshops were very informative and my massage was absolutely wonderful.

Valerie G

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