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I get asked quite often about the type of skincare products I use or for recommendation on the best chemical free products. The skincare industry is huge and commands billions of £££s and $$$s but most of the products out on the market contain huge amounts of chemicals that have an adverse effect on our endocrine system.

Thankfully the industry is slowly changing with people becoming more aware of products, ingredients and what they put on their skin, and more companies producing products that come with fewer chemicals and better still are organic. Most of these companies that care and are focused on the ingredients that go into their products tend to be smaller compared to the big multinational companies, and I feel the need to champion them for taking the time to make the difference not just in the industry but also giving us the option to choose what we put on our skin and into our body at affordable prices. I am always looking to get more information about up and coming brands that offer suitable products for us to use. It’s also fantastic that we don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds on products that come loaded with chemicals we can’t even pronounce!

A few months ago, I was sent some skincare products by a company called Radiant Glow Botanicals.2015-06-11 14.32.43 I tried out the products – face wash, moisturiser, exfoliator etc and found the range really, really good. One thing that really stood out was the face wash – while using the face wash I was so impressed with how clean my skin felt. A lot of the face wash you get on the market just remove some of your makeup and move the rest around – you ladies know what I’m talking about..right?! You wash your face and think you’re done but when you dry off with a towel, you look at it and think yikes, I need to wash it all over again!! Well…that doesn’t happen with this product.

The products contain ingredients such as Tea Tree oil, Mint, Lemon, Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel and much more natural ingredients. Having said all that, let me point out they aren’t exactly 100% organic but certainly contain a lot less chemicals than mainstream products.

I think as with any products I get sent to try, I always give my honest, un-biased opinion. So as not to bore you with just my own feedback, I like to get my divas involved in trying out fabulous products and that’s exactly what I did with Radiant Glow. I sent a few out to some of my rocking divas and got rave reviews like “my skin feels so clean” to “my acne seems to be calming down since I started using the products”. Here’s a more detailed feedback from one of the ladies, Jasmine, after using them for a month – I have just copied and pasted from the email she sent me:

“The products have been great! I have been using them regularly every day and really like them. After the very first day using them, I did get 5 new spots on my face the following day which was a bit worrying, however they went away after – I think it may have just been my skin that had to get used to the new products. Below is my feedback for each product. I must say, all of them have a really nice scent, especially the Toner and Milk!

Facial wash: skin feels really clean and refreshed, doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry, only a small amount needed to lather into bubbles making it cost-effective

Facial scrub: not too harsh on the skin, skin feels a lot smoother, can use as an everyday scrub, effective exfoliator

Facial Toner: leaves skin feeling very hydrated and clean, doesn’t contain alcohol so no harsh smells during application, good at removing impurities

Facial Milk: effective moisturiser, has an amazing pineapple smell, a plus that it offers some UV protection, leaves skin feeling supple

Note that I have oily/combination skin and I didn’t really see a change in the size of my pores. However, I do like the fact that the products don’t contain the nasty chemicals that we have been made to believe are bad for our skin. I do also like the packaging i.e. the bottle pumps are easy to use and it’s convenient to open the wash and scrub using the flip cover, unlike some products which require you to unscrew the top which can be annoying.

Again thank you very much for the opportunity to test these products! I love them! Jasmine.”

The products are affordable and can be purchased online from their website.

Peace & Fabulous Health!


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