Day 3 of Detox!

Final day – yaay!! It’s been a while since (a year) I did a proper detox, so this was a bit difficult. Today was a bit tough, woke up feeling really hungry but had my glass of warm water and lemon and juice and felt a bit better.

Though I’ve been starting my days during the detox with a glass of warm water and a slice of lemon, this is something I have been doing for a while now so will continue even after the detox is over, and you should too.

Today, going back to the green detox juice with a teaspoon of flaxseed mixed in – again, loads of water, green tea and chamomile tea through the day. As I didn’t manage to do any yoga yesterday, did an hour of it today to make up. My plan is to carry on with yoga every day and include some cardio exercises sometimes to get the heart pumping – hmm, will see how that works out!

For my evening meal, I’m having grilled chicken with tomato salsa – my style of tomato salsa for detox (recipe in the detox recipe section).

My cravings for sweet foods are much better than yesterday and my skin is looking a bit brighter. I now feel I’m back on track with my healthy eating lifestyle after the holidays.

The idea here is to get started on the healthy lifestyle journey is by cleansing your body first and then continue with it, not as strict as the detox programme but to add in healthy foods as part of your lifestyle.

You will continue to look and feel good, and you will find you will be healthier, more focused during the day and sleep better at night. I hope this detox has or will be of use to you in starting your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Thanks for joining me on this awesome journey.

Peace, Love and Fabulous Health!


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