Activate Your Immune Boosting Power

Activate Your Immune Boosting Power


7-Day cleanse to increase energy, lose weight & strengthen your immune system.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re constantly wondering what happened to your energy levels
  • Your mood takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions especially when super stressed
  • You’re experiencing digestive issues you can’t seem to get rid of no matter what you try
  • You’re tired but wired and can’t get to sleep
  • You suffer constantly with seasonal allergies and can’t figure out why
  • You’re anxious about yours and your family’s health as the world opens back up and want to do everything in your power to keep you and your family healthy and safe as possible


I would like to invite you to experience the best your body can be!

Introducing the “Activate Your Immune Boosting Power 7-Day Cleanse”. A gentle, guided program designed to nurture and heal your garden that is your body so it’s healthy and able to withstand anything that comes along.


A 7-Day Cleanse program to help you – increase energy, balance your mood, lose weight, improve your skin, and most important of all, strengthen your immune system, which is your body’s first defense against bacteria, virus, and disease.

Years ago, while working as an IT Consultant in the finance sector in London, I was super stressed but didn’t acknowledge it, I experienced gut health issues, suffered with migraines almost every week (if I didn’t get a migraine one week, I was sure to have a headache), I was constantly tired, didn’t sleep well and I was sure to catch a cold or the flu if it was going around. Looking back, these were all signs that my immune system was super low and inflammation was sky high. I assumed it was normal to feel this way and kept going because I needed to keep working hard to achieve my goals.


Boy, was I so wrong….what ended up happening was I got diagnosed with breast cancer which literally forced me to shut down. Here’s the thing, with my immune system being so low and inflammation so high, that created the perfect environment for cancer cells to thrive and cause a massive problem. Oh, did I mention I also ate a lot of sugar and junk food?

Could I have taken the time to address the symptoms I was experiencing and taken steps to calm and heal my body? Yes, I could have at the time but didn’t. However, I believe I was meant to go through that journey to learn how my body functions, what it needed to thrive and so much more.

Learning how to boost your immune system naturally can be a game-changer. When operating at its peak performance, our immune system can pinpoint and remove risks to wellness, recognize and imitate previous immune responses, and repair cellular and tissue damage.

Are you ready to:

  • Strengthen your immune system so you have confidence in your body’s defense system against bacteria and pathogens?
  • Take back control of your health?
  • Boost energy without the need for caffeine and feel vibrant throughout the day?
  • Get clarity so you can focus on your daily tasks with ease?
  • Lose weight so you feel lighter and fabulous?


Then click on the button to take back control and get your body back to optimum health.

If any of these statements above sounds like you or you can relate to my journey, here’s a little secret – you are not alone. Even though there’s a lot of uncertainty and anxiety around getting back out there, we all have to realize that there are other bacteria, viruses, and dis-eases lurking around and new ones will definitely emerge as life goes on. It’s up to us as individuals to recognise that we can do something about it and take back control of our health. Coming out of cancer treatment, I realised I had to do that in order to heal and not have to go through that experience again.

Make no mistake, feeling exhausted all the time, experiencing allergy, digestive and autoimmune issues, and just plain feeling uncomfortable in your own skin and anxious about your health is NOT normal. One thing to note is that the body cannot and is not built to function well in this state for prolonged periods – eventually, dis-ease will develop.You Deserve Better!
And I want to help you start the process of healing your body and strengthening your immune system to get you feeling energized, stronger, focused, and confident in your body’s ability to defend and keep you healthy no matter what comes along.

The Solution?
It’s called “Activate Your Immune Boosting Power”.


Through the 7 days you:

  • Will reset your body, strengthen your immune system and jumpstart your metabolism so you start feeling healthier and energised.
  • Can dissolve your sugar cravings and forget about carbs!
  • Experience what it is feels like to completely purify your body and cleanse your entire system of stored up toxins that have been weighing you down for years.
  • Drop up to 5 pounds and fall in love with your radiant skin and a new sense of vitality!

The tools you need to succeed….

I know you’re busy and I know you just want to feel better and improve your health. I also know that the solution to get you to where you need to be requires changing some habits and can be really intimidating which is why I’ve designed this program to be simple to implement while also getting you results.

Exclusive Bonuses

  • Free 20-minute Breakthrough session with Gloria at the end of the cleanse
  • Improve Your Immune System Guide: Includes tools and tips to include in your daily routine
  • Menu Planning Guide to support you and keep you on track with healthy eating for you and your family includes a template for planning you week’s menus.

Enrol in the Activate Your Immune Boosting Power Cleanse

100% Money-Back Guarantee

To ensure your success, you’ll be given access to….

  • Access to the 7-day Cleanse support community where you can glean a wealth of information and encouragement!
  • 7-day supported detox schedule
  • Daily email support.
  • Preparation package with everything you need to get started.
  • 7-Day Delicious cleanse recipes and plans. Make success easy by following a pre-planned set of meals that will save you time without compromising nutrition or taste.
  • Lifetime access to your program so you can repeat as often as you like
  • Daily meal planning guide with nutritious, wholefood options
  • Goal setting activities, simple and effective daily rituals to support your body’s natural detox systems.
  • Self-care tips and tools.

Enrol in the "7-Day Activate Your Immune Boosting Power"

Program starts in....


Take a peek at what’s inside the cleanse

Prep Day:

  • Preparation guide
  • Getting ready activities
  • Detox recipes
  • Prep visualization audio
  • Detox bonus materials

Day 1:

  1. You’ll start the day with lemon and warm water to cleanse the body of toxins released while sleeping, get your body hydrated and kickstart your metabolism, followed by a delicious juice/smoothie
  2. Lunch is focused on ample vegetables with healthy fats to nourish you
  3. Snack on more juice/smoothie (optional)
  4. Enjoy a detox enhancing meal for dinner

Sample menu from program

Lemon & warm water
Can’t Beet this Juice (recipe)

Beetroot, apple & carrot salad
Basic green juice

Spinach-Turkey Burgers with Corn
Salsa & Sautéed Vegetables

Throughout the 7-days you will transform your body into its best state of being!

You’ll also learn:

  • How to cleanse without deprivation or hunger
  • Effective ways to release toxins
  • How to shop healthy & confidently
  • Incorporating the best superfoods your body can buy
  • How primary foods affect your health
  • Travel tips during your cleanse
  • Motivational techniques & visualizations


Everything you consume during your 7-day Cleanse is designed to give your body the best, most compact sources of nutrition it needs to strengthen your defence system. If you’re trying to lose weight, this is the perfect kick-off! 

You’ll recognize the real benefit to this system is cleansing and detoxing with good nutritious whole foods. ..not chemicals or processed foods…just good clean food.

Most importantly, afterward, you will enjoy the emphasis we place on teaching you the no-fail secrets to maintaining your healthy lifestyle indefinitely!

Are You Ready To Push The Reset Button To Start Feeling Fit, Fabulous, Energised And Healthy?

Why Do a Cleanse?

Cleansing — it’s a hot topic just about everywhere you look. And understandably so, we live in a time where our environment is overrun with toxins and currently the pandemic.

But what exactly does all of this have to do with our immune system?

The answer is simple. Your liver and gut!

Your liver is responsible for processing metabolic waste, environmental toxins and bacteria from the body.

If your liver is…

  1. Lacking the nutrients it needs to do its job
  2. Overrun with environmental toxins
  3. Overburdened by a sluggish digestive tract
  4. All of the above

Then you need to give it some serious TLC RIGHT NOW!

Otherwise, there is just no way you’ll be able to strengthen your immune system, revitalize your energy and get back to living a life you love!

Imagine being able to…


  • Have the energy to last the entire day, instead of feeling the afternoon crashes and groggy mornings.
  • Feeling joyful, resilient to stress and in love with life no matter what.
  • Have confidence in your body’s ability to fight for you and keep you healthy.

Yes, you really can…

Have all-day energy without caffeine or stimulants

Feel focused and in control of your mood without medications

Feel confident and understand what your body needs to thrive

Reclaim the joy in your life

You just need to give your body what it has been asking for all along…

How Does the 7-Day Cleanse Program Work?

The 7-Day Cleanse gives you the most complete and effective Immune Boosting resources in your hands so you can take back your life.

You’ll have access to Gloria, her team, and a community of like-minded women who are ready to support you.

Activate Your Immune Boosting Power Schedule

The Program begins on Monday 22nd June 2020


The Activate Your Immune Boosting Power Cleanse begins with preparation, which includes a couple of days of shopping, meal planning and setting the intention for success. The prep resources are released on Wednesday 17th June.

There will be a Facebook Live walkthrough on Friday 19th to take you through the program resources and what to expect. Post your questions in the Facebook group, and get the information you need before you start, so you can start the program with ease.

Days 1 to 7: The 7-Day Cleanse

The Cleanse starts with a week of eating immune-boosting, supportive foods to cleanse the body of toxins and nourish with nutrients. During this time, you’ll take simple action, follow an easy and delicious meal plan and implement daily detox practices.

You’ll begin crucial mind-body practices as part of the holistic cleanse and receive inspirational materials to help you adopt a detox friendly lifestyle.

Ask question in the Facebook group with Gloria, her team and the community to get the support you need!

You’ll receive your bonus Health Centred Audio Meditation to increase relaxation and resilience to stress.

Day 8: Transition into Lifelong Immune Boosting Loving Habits

As you end your 7-day cleanse, you will begin to transition to a maintenance plan to ensure lifelong success. You can take time to evaluate how you feel with the foods you eat and become your own medical food detective.

You’ll not only begin feeling immediate results during the 7 days, but you’ll also have created incredible healthy habits to continue every day.

Post Cleanse

To ensure your continued success and as a bonus gift, you’re invited to take advantage of the FREE 20-Minute Breakthrough Session with Gloria. The time slots are only available the week after the cleanse ends i.e. Monday 29th June through to Friday 3rd July. Get your questions answered and refine your individualize protocol to keep your Immune system and health in balance and strong for years to come.

Then click on the button below to get started

Join My Friends Who Have Tested This Material For You…

This is the first time I’ve done any program or challenge and I did think it was going to be difficult but it wasn’t.

I followed the easy instructions, planned my menus and exercise routines, and found I started feeling less tired and getting fit. The other thing I noticed is a reduction in my allergies especially over the summer. Overall, I feel great, healthy and loving my figure. Will definitely carry on with what I’ve learnt.

– Katie Fox Dubai UAE

I thoroughly enjoyed the 7-Day Cleanse program. It came at a time when I really needed to heal from medication I was taking for gut issues. I felt constantly tired, lacked motivation and didn’t really feel good about myself, on top of all that, I had put on more weight than I could carry. The program came with great recipes, meal planning and motivational emails. The best part was having daily meditation audios, though just 5 minutes, it’s amazing what you can get from a short burst of calm. 

I lost 10lbs at the start, have lost an additional 15lbs after the cleanse and the gut issues have improved. The program has gone a long way to enforce an understanding of a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle. Would definitely recommend to family and friends.

Christie A London UK

My skin was better and I lost weight in time for my wedding, it’s totally what I needed! I had tried all kinds of other toxic stuff to clear up my skin, gone on numerous diets and nothing worked. I am happy to finally have the confidence to have my picture taken and I get a ton of compliments on my skin now. I am so glad to have had your help not only for my wedding but for my life and health going forward. Now I understand more how my body functions and what it needs to thrive and be healthy.

Samantha R. London UK<

I remember a time when I could not stop eating sweets- morning, noon, and night.  It was all telling on me with my weight, my skin was so bad, the late night eating meant I didn’t sleep well at night which meant I was on caffeine constantly through the day just to get through. It was not a healthy way to live, let alone eat. Gloria helped me overcome my cravings, identify my triggers and address them. I started with the 7-Day cleanse program first, my thought process was try this to see what happens as I wasn’t sure it could help me with where my health was, neither was I sure I could even commit and get through a 7-Day cleanse. What motivated me was the idea that this may actually work – I was sort of ready to do anything to start feeling better. You could say I was very hesitant but did it anyway and I’m so, so glad I did. Not only did I start to feel better, I started sleeping better, the headaches and achy joints I was experiencing started to lessen as well as my cravings for junk foods. I wanted more and after the cleanse decided to sign up to Gloria’s Body Boost Program. Today, I feel so much better, don’t get headaches, the joint pains have almost completely gone, cut out the coffee and have so much more energy than I know what to do with. I’m so glad I did the cleanse and committed to myself – I think deciding to commit to myself to make a change in order to feel better and the huge support from Gloria was the motivation I needed to turn things around.

To anyone who is unsure about doing the cleanse and working with Gloria, I would say –  take a chance on yourself, you have nothing to lose and your health to get back, you can do this and you’ll get a lot of support. I highly recommend the program.

Thanks again Gloria.

Natalie Florida US<

Enrol in the "7-Day Activate Your Immune Boosting Power"

Program starts in....


This is great deal, with over £800.00 in value, although I firmly believe you can’t put a price on health.  However, I know you’ll love this program so much that I’m are offering a substantial discount, just to get you to try it!  Register today and get on the road to stronger immunity and health! Your body will thank you for it!

Early Bird Price until Saturday 13th June  £97 ($122)

Regular Price from Sunday 14th June – £147 ($185)

Who is this 7-Day Cleanse for?

This cleanse is for you if you want to…

  • Boost & strengthen your body’s defence system
  • Significantly boost your energy
  • Say goodbye to sugar cravings
  • Improve your mood
  • Create glowing skin
  • Get to understand your body and what it needs to thrive
  • Get rid of or reduce those nasty allergies that keep coming back
  • Lose weight
  • Eat a whole foods diet that doesn’t compromise taste

Who Is This Cleanse Not For?

This Cleanse is not for you if…

  • You do not want to make any dietary changes.Maybe the time is just not right and that’s ok. But if you really want to get a handle on your health and take back your life, you’re going to have to make some dietary changes.
  • You are not willing to make changes to your environment.Some stuff might need to change and it is my responsibility to tell you what things need to go.

You want a program that speaks to you!

A program that:

  • Doesn’t resemble one of the numerous diets on the planet.
  • Is clean, natural and holistic.
  • Works for your specific body type and needs.
  • Focuses on healing the body as well as weight loss.
  • Fits in with your time and schedule.
  • Is short and easy to navigate and fun to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m taking prescription medicine?

I recommend you seek the advice of your health care provider regarding dietary, supplement of medication changes. It’s important to have the advice from a doctor who knows your individual needs.

Can I continue to eat “junk” food?

This program is a whole food-based detox, which means dietary changes are necessary to get the full benefit. I’ve designed this program to include so much delicious food so you won’t feel deprived. In fact, you’ll feel so much better by the end of the program that you won’t want to go back to eating “junk” food.

Do the recipes contain gluten or dairy?

No, you will not find any gluten or dairy in the meals plans or recipes. Both of these foods are known to cause inflammation, make acne worse and disrupt your gut flora. It’s suitable for and can be adapted to suit vegetarians & vegans

Are supplements required?

Supplements NOT required during the program. Supplements are intended to support a healthy diet and lifestyle to maximize outcomes.

How will I feel after this program?

Results will vary for each person. Your commitment to following the guidelines and implementing the recommendations will determine your success. It’s not uncommon for women to experience improvement in symptoms after the first few days of diet and lifestyle changes.
At about the 4-day mark, most women are feeling marked improvement.
For some people, reversing symptoms will take longer, especially if they have been living sometime with a chronic disease. And for others, there may be damage beyond what is possible to recover.
There are no guarantees when it comes to your health…but that is no reason not to try to have the best health possible. And I think you will be happy with the progress you make during the program.
If you are not happy during the program, then I don’t see any reason I should keep your investment. You’ll have up to 14 days from the start date of the program to request a full refund.

I already bought the program and I can’t find the email with my login information?

Please email and we’ll get you the information you need!

How long will I have access to the program?

The program material is yours to keep for LIFE! We’ll keep it available on our website for at least one year from your date of purchase and you’ll be able to download a copy of everything to your computer.

Early Bird Price until Saturday 13th June £97 ($122)
RegularPrice from Sunday 14th June – £147 ($185)


Who is Gloria Halim?

Gloria Halim is the author of Healing Foods Healthy Foods, a Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, and TEDx Speaker. She specializes in women’s health including hormone imbalance, fertility, stress management, taking them from stressed and exhausted to living more energetic, vibrant lives.

Gloria shares information that empowers women to make the best health and lifestyle choices, to enable them to take control of their hormones, overall health helping them achieve optimum balance, health, and happiness.

Her aim is to inform, share her experience, and provide holistic health and wellness information to improve health utilising what nature has blessed us with. Gloria also educates individuals on natural preventative methods to reduce the risk of dis-ease and live an optimally healthy lifestyle.

If you would like more information on the programs we offer or any health related questions or tips, please send get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Phone: +97 150 924 3181 (Dubai)
Phone: +44 759 012 3895 (London)

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