I have met some fabulous women along the way since I started on my health journey, all of them doing absolutely fabulous things. Check out the links to their rocking websites below!

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Squeeze Juice Café is an Artisan producer with full provenance and traceability – growing, harvesting, juicing, processing and packaging Wheatgrass shots –ensuring that every Wheatgrass shot you receive is as fresh as possible. We deliver energy boosting wheatgrass juice direct to your door in shot-sized pouches, so all you have to do is open and enjoy a wheat grass boost, without the fuss.  At Squeeze Juice Cafe we have invested in a revolutionary processing technique that ensures that your wheatgrass juice shots stay fresh for up to 12 weeks (a huge boost over the usual 2 hours!)  No additives and no preservatives are used at any point.

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Beauty Despite Cancer


Embrace Cancer Beauty


After Breast Cancer Diagnosis


Fighting fifty 

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