Awesome books!

I love reading – I have read some really awesome books and keep finding more books I want to read, I’m always eager to learn more about healing, healthy foods and spirituality. Below is a list of awesome books I have read and some I’m still reading, I sometimes read two or three books at the same time, absolutely love doing that! I hope one or more of these books inspires you – knowledge is power! You can find these books in most book stores and online on Amazon.

Peace and Fabulous Health!


Health and Wellness Books:

  • Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
  • The Blood Sugar Solution by Dr Mark Hyman
  • The New Wholefoods Encyclopedia: A Comprehensive Resource for Healthy Eating by Rebecca Wood
  • Water: Your Body’s Many Cries For Water by F Batmanghelidj
  • Healing with WholeFoods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition by Patrick Holford
  • Super Cleanse by Adina Niemerow
  • Anti-Cancer – A New Way of Life by Dr David Servan-Schreiber
  • What You Don’t Know May Be Killing You by Don Colbert M.D.
  • Medicinal Seasonings by Dr Keith Scott
  • Improve your digestion by Patrick Holford
  • Yoga for Real Life by Maya Fiennes
  • Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff

Nutrition Books:

  • The China Study by T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell II, M.D.
  • Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future by David Wolfe
  • Integrative Nutrition by Joshua Rosenthal
  • Healing Foods Healthy Foods by Gloria Halim
  • The Juice Master by Jason Vale
  • Healthy Oils by Lee Faber

Spirituality and Inspirational Books:

  • I Declare: 31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life by Joel Osteen
  • Blood In The Sand by Benny Hinn
  • I Want More by Robert Jeffress
  • Powerful Inspirations by Kathy Ireland and Laura Morton
  • Think Big by Ben Carson M.D.
  • The Power of Vision by Dr Myles Monroe
  • Human Error by Valentina Halim

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